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The Best Pest Control in Orlando and it Starts at Just $50/Month !

Henderson Pest Elimination is a CHILD, PET, & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Pest Control Company. Our owner Johnie Henderson says “I'm an old Boy Scout, all our treatments are Environmentally Friendly.  Many are totally non-toxic to all mammals and must be ingested by insects to break the safety molecule apart and then become deadly only to the insect.  Except for heating the house (which requires all living things to be out during the treatment) to 130-150 degrees for the entire day, all our treatments are Child and pet friendly.”

As Central Florida’s premier pest control company we provide a variety of exterminator services that are unique to the nature of Florida’s pest population. Our treatments are child and pet safe.  Be sure your termite coverage includes Formosan Termites, if not its virtually worthless.  Formosan termites will eventually take over all of Florida forcing out all domestic subterranean termites.  Be smart protect your home

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Pest Control in Orlando
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Kid and Pet Friendly Pest Control for Orlando Florida

We can eliminate and prevent the recurrence of many pest problems like the following:

Mosquito treatment: Why pay $69 for each mosquito treatment. Free mosquito treatment in Orlando, for our clients. Awesome Pest Control in Orlando. Affordable quality mosquito services, call for complete details today.

Rodent Control: We not only kill the rodents in and around your home, but also seal points of entry and offer advice to prevent further problems. Please let us take care of your rodent problems as soon as possible.  They can cause electrical fires in your attic as well as health dangers. Quality Rat and Mouse pest control in Orlando and the surrounding areas.

Spiders, Wasps, Scorpions, and other stinging insects: We provide many solutions to scary stinging insects. Our year around program will keep them away for good, and any time you see them we will return to eliminate any problems in your home or business.

Venomous and disease spreading pests: Let us use our child safe and pet friendly treatment to protect your family from venomous pests, with pest control for roaches, fleas, mice, rats, snakes, mosquitoes and others in Orlando and the surrounding areas.

ECO Friendly Green Pest Services available: We offer Natural pest control upon request and have many money saving promotions, just ask when you contact us.

TUBES in the walls? We also service tubes in the walls for pest control for termites, roaches, mice, fleas, ants, etc .  We have utilized this specific service procedure for 30+ years for homes which have this built into them. Services for Orlando, St. Cloud, Kissimmee, Lake Nona, Apopka, Davenport, Windermere, Clermont, Winter Haven,

More information about our services at Henderson Pest Elimination

 All our rodent baits contain Bitrex, which is bitter to all mammals except rats and mice.  We don’t kill or harm wildlife; we safely repel or remove wildlife.  We remove Squirrels, Raccoons, Armadillos, Possums, and even bats.  {Last month, I got bit by a bat during the safe removal and got a new series of Rabies vaccinations which is quite expensive} Please let us remove the wild animals, it’s safer for you, and we also know how to exclude them from re-entry.

By 2030 Formosan Termites will be the predominant subterranean termite in Central Florida.  Be certain to check that your current termite treatment includes in writing that Formosan Termites and their damages are included.

Because Formosan Termites can devastate the roof and second-floor supports in just 90 days, we are the only company to provide a $2,000,000.00 Lifetime Termite Damage warranty*.  NEVER buy a house without an active Lifetime Termite Damage warranty that includes Formosan Termites. 

*Call our office today for details on your exclusive termite damage warranty.

Check out the best pest control offer in Central Florida:

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What is a termite grenade?

Termites think the termite grenade is free candy but soon after they begin to enjoy the easy meal they are full and no longer able to eat.  Then they rub against each other, thereby spreading their inability to eat.  I sure wish it worked on me. But nope, it’s extremely safe around people and destroys the termite population. Termites want cellulose.  The wood in your house has only a small amount of cellulose so they must eat a lot.  The termite-grenade gives the termites various preferred types of high-content cellulose.  They detect this cellulose in the ground much like children hear the ice cream truck.  Then they eat our special cellulose along with products that condemn the entire colony.  Let us use 60+ years of termite experience to protect your home. Call us today.

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