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Squirrel removal and control

Those noises in the attic are probably an animal chewing the insulation of the wires which could harm your family in a house fire. We use our proprietary repellent which makes it unpleasant for them and they leave, often in one day. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and a squirrel removal quote.

We don't harm any wildlife, just remove them and put them in their natural environment.

Raccoons love your attic

Unfortunately having raccoons roaming in your attic or other living spaces isn’t the worst problem, but rather that their feces may also contain rabies which they often carry. Don’t let these cute little creatures endanger the lives of your family and pets. Allow us to safely remove them away from your home

Playing Opossum isn’t fun for you

When the razor-sharp teeth of the Opossum rip open the skin and arteries of your pets and children they can be a serious threat to life. Don’t try to get rid of these varmints on your own, contact us today to schedule an inspection and receive a quote to remove them from your property.

Wildlife Exclusion. This may be the most important part.

Removing wildlife animals and pests from your home, business or property is only half the battle. The best way to permanently eliminate the problem is to determine where and how they are gaining access. Then we must EXCLUDE the entry point from any further trespassing. This is referred to as exclusion service and Henderson Pest Elimination will make sure that problem is fixed and secure.

Snakes love our warm houses too

Henderson Pest Elimination has very effective snake repellents that will keep these scary pests from enjoying the warmth of your home.

Contact us today for snake prevention and elimination.

Quality work - Trust Henderson Pest Elimination to do the job right the first time.

Pay us once or pay someone else repeatedly. We only do quality work, and yet many times our prices are less than the low-quality providers.